Wildwood Dried Beech Cooking Wood with Natural Firelighters

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This set of kiln-dried beechwood logs and wood wool firelighters is the perfect fuel for an Alfa pizza oven. Created by Wildwood, a family-run hardwood fuel producer based in Treworder, Cornwall, it provides everything you need for an efficient cook.

The logs, sourced from well-managed British woodland, are dried in a biomass boiler-fuelled kiln, ensuring that less energy is required when they burn. As well as being more economical, the removal of sap and water provides a clean burn, allowing the subtle flavours of beechwood to enhance the flavour of your food. It also prevents any build-up of soot or tar.

Each set contains 10–15 logs, each of them around 25cm long, in a 20L bag. Also included is a pack of odourless wood wool firelighters made from certified wood wool and paraffin wax. These burn for 8–10 minutes and won’t taint your food.

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