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Our pizza ovens come in three distinctive lines: Classico, Moderno and Futuro. Within these lines, we offer both gas-fired and wood-fired ovens in a range of different sizes – wood for the traditionalists, gas for the convenience-seekers. Most of our gas-fired models come with the option of a Hybrid Kit which allows you to switch between gas and wood. 

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From £2,250


With soft curves and subtle colours, a classy, elegant oven that will fit discretely in your garden.

Classico 5 Minuti
Classico 5 Minuti Sale price£1,495.00 Regular price£2,250.00
Classico 2 Pizze
Classico 2 Pizze Sale price£2,650.00
Classico 4 Pizze Wood
Classico 4 Pizze Wood Sale priceFrom £2,950.00

82 x 74 x 112cm

95 x 75 x 109cm

108 x 91 x 115.7cm

Cooking floor

60 x 50cm

60 x 50cm

Wood: 90 x 50cm
Gas: 80 x 60cm

Pizza capacity

2 pizzas

2 pizzas

4 pizzas

From £1,250


Confident and contemporary, offering bold colours, strong lines and a pared back aesthetic.

Moderno Portable
Moderno Portable Sale price£595.00 Regular price£995.00
Moderno 1 Pizza Wood
Moderno 1 Pizza Wood Sale price£1,250.00
Moderno 2 Pizze
Moderno 2 Pizze Sale price£2,550.00
Moderno 3 Pizze
Moderno 3 Pizze Sale price£2,850.00
Moderno 5 Pizze Allegro
Moderno 5 Pizze Allegro Sale priceFrom £4,690.00

55 x 53 x 91cm

73 x 55 x 105cm

95 x 76.5 x 105.5cm

108 x 73 x 114cm

118 x 102 x 149cm

Cooking floor

40 x 40cm

Wood: 60 x 40cm

Gas: 60 x 50cm

Gas: 80 x 50cm

Wood: 100 x 70cm
Gas: 85 x 70cm

Pizza capacity

1 pizza

1 pizza

2 pizzas

3 pizzas

5 pizzas









Gas (+ Hybrid)

Gas (+ Hybrid)

Gas (+ Hybrid)

Gas (+ Hybrid)

From £3,950


Steely, spare and angular, providing a touch of robust industrial cool.

Futuro 2 Pizze
Futuro 2 Pizze Sale price£3,950.00
Futuro 4 Pizze
Futuro 4 Pizze Sale price£4,950.00

100cm x 63.8cm x 123cm (h)

110cm x 84cm x 151cm (h)

Cooking floor

70cm x 40cm

80cm x 60cm

Pizza capacity

2 pizzas

4 pizzas

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