Iron Skillet

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This pre-seasoned iron skillet, available in three sizes, is ideal for use in an Alfa pizza oven. Lightweight but offering perfect heat distribution, and with a long handle that makes it easy to manoeuvre in and out of the oven, it is well suited to cooking over fire. Use it to pan-cook a cassoulet or roast a mouth-watering rack of lamb.

Created in Australia by Solidteknics, each skillet is wrought from a single sheet of iron and seasoned with rice bran oil to create a strong, all-natural, non-stick surface that improves with use. Free from toxins, heavy metals or synthetic coatings, the pans are durable enough to last for centuries, whether you use them on a gas, induction or electric hob, in an oven or outside on a pizza oven or grill.

18cm pan suitable for all Alfa ovens. 26cm & 30cm pans suitable for all Alfa ovens apart from the Portable and 1 Pizza sizes.

Size: 26cm

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