Pizza Oven to Table Pan

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This incredibly versatile piece of cookware, available in four sizes, is a frying pan, pie pan, cake tin and roasting pan, all in one. You can even pair two pans of the same size, one on top of the other, to create a Dutch oven. With its twin handles and stylish design, it’s perfectly suited for serving food straight from your Alfa pizza oven to the table.

Created in Australia by Solidteknics, each pan is made from a single solid sheet of highly conductive 3mm non-nickel stainless steel. This creates a strong, seamless, low-maintenance cooking surface that cooks like iron but cleans like stainless steel. Free from toxins, heavy metals or synthetic coatings, they are durable enough to last for centuries, whether you use them on a gas, induction or electric hob, in an oven or outside on a pizza oven or grill.

Suitable for all Alfa ovens apart from the Portable and 1 Pizza sizes.

Size: 20cm

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