Iron Baking Tray

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This pre-seasoned iron baking tray, made from 2.5mm-thick wrought iron, is perfectly suited to use in an Alfa pizza oven. Its strength and conductivity means you’ll get even bakes every time you cook, without even needing parchment paper. Use it to bake all-butter cookies, a beef wellington or sausage rolls with crisp, indulgent pastry that doesn’t stick to the pan.

Created in Australia by Solidteknics, each tray is wrought from a single sheet of iron and seasoned with rice bran oil to create a strong, all-natural, non-stick surface that improves with use. Free from toxins, heavy metals or synthetic coatings, Solidteknics cookware is durable enough to last for centuries, whether you use them on a gas, induction or electric hob, in an oven or outside on a pizza oven or grill.


Length: 40.5cm
Width: 31cm

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