BBQ 500 Grill

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Turn your pizza oven into a barbecue pit with this incredibly simple but game-changing accessory. The BBQ 500 consists of three simple pieces, all made in Italy from high-quality, fire-resistant steel:

  • A pan that contains the hot coals and can serve as a support for the grill.
  • A circular grill, which can either sit snuggly above the pan or stand beside it.
  • A pair of tongs for rotating the grill to ensure even cooking.

By placing the grill directly above the coals, you can cook directly, using the fierce heat to sear your food. By placing the grill to the side of the pan and closing the oven door, you can create an environment for baking or roasting while still benefiting from those beautiful smoky flavours. By doing a bit of both, you can cook a joint of meat so that it’s seared to perfect crispness on the outside while remaining juicy in the middle.

Compatible with all Alfa wood-fired or gas-fired ovens apart from the Portable and 1 Pizza models.

Choose the 30cm size for 5 Minuti, 2 Pizze and 3 Pizze Moderno & Classico models.

Choose the 37cm size for Classico 4 Pizze and Moderno 5 Pizze models.

Size: 30cm

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