24cm Crêpe & Griddle Pan

Sale price£129.00

As well as being a crêpe pan for batter-based frying, this iron pan also works as a low-sided skillet, ideal for any food that requires flipping, such as fish or flatbreads. Lightweight but offering perfect heat distribution, and with a long handle that makes it easy to manoeuvre in and out of the oven, it is well suited to cooking in an Alfa.

Created in Australia by Solidteknics, each pan is wrought from a single sheet of iron and seasoned with rice bran oil to create a strong, all-natural, non-stick surface that improves with use. Free from toxins, heavy metals or synthetic coatings, Solidteknics cookware is durable enough to last for centuries, whether you use them on a gas, induction or electric hob, in an oven or outside on a pizza oven or grill.

Suitable for all Alfa ovens apart from the Portable and 1 Pizza sizes.

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