Pizza Peel & Rake Set

Sale price£195.00

This set provides the two most essential tools needed in the operation of a wood-burning pizza oven, both of them offering a rare combination of design and functionality.

The package consists of two detachable heads that both fit on the same extendable shaft:

  • Medium Pizza Peel A tool to move the pizza into and out of the oven, with perforations on its head that allow you to easily remove any excess flour.
  • Ember Rake A tool to move ash, embers and burning wood around the oven.

The anodised aluminium shaft has a handle made from Duroplast, a high-resistance plastic with a firm grip. Two additional 25cm extensions can be screwed in when needed, making the tools suitable for any set-up, regardless of your oven’s size and location – even if you’re working in a tight space like a balcony.

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