Pizza Accessory Kit

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Everything you need to master the art of the ‘pizzaiolo’, in one convenient delivery. Every tool in the kit is made in Italy to our exacting standards and offers a rare combination of design and functionality.

  • 4-Piece Peel Set All the tools you need to move through the different stages of pizza cooking, consisting of four detachable heads that all fit on the same extendable anodised aluminium shaft: a pizza peel, a turner peel, an ember rake, and a brass bristle brush.
  • Pizza Cutter Cut clean slices of pizza using this simple cutter, with its ergonomic handle and stainless steel blade.
  • Pizza Dough Ball Peel Simplify the handling of dough balls with this small asymmetrical paddle.
  • Pizza Dough Box Create perfect pizza dough by leaving it to rise in a 40cm x 30cm box that guarantees the proper air conditions for the proving process.
  • Infrared Thermometer Ensure your oven is fully up to temperature by taking readings from all points of the oven floor.
  • Wooden Chopping Board Cut your pizza into perfectly even slices with this circular chopping board made from spruce wood, marked with furrows to guide your cutter.
  • Alfa Cook Book Extend your repertoire with this collection so authentic Italian recipes and practical tips from professional chefs and pizza makers.
  • Oven Mitt Keep your hand safe with our heat-resistant glove in 100% cotton bouclé continuous filament.
  • Pizza Apron Keep your clothes free of flour and sauce splashes with this stylish Alfa-branded cotton apron.

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