How to use your oven

How to light your gas-fired oven

How to light your gas-fired oven

An Alfa gas-fired oven is easy to ignite and control, but there are some important safety instructions that you will need to follow: 


  • Always buy liquified petroleum gas (LPG) as opposed to natural gas.
  • Carefully read the instructions before turning on the oven.
  • Check all gas connections for leaks before starting your oven.
  • The burner control knob must be in the off position before you turn on the gas cylinder valve.
  • Do not lean over the oven when lighting. Keep your face and body at least 50cm away from the oven door.
  • When lighting the oven, the oven door must be open.
  • Never run the oven with the flame at maximum power for more than 40 minutes.
  • Do not close the door while the flame is at the maximum position.
  • Do not exceed the oven's temperature limit of 450°C.
  • Do not move the oven while it is in use.
  • Never disconnect the gas pipe or other fittings while the oven is in use. 


The first few times you use the oven, it may be necessary to drain the gas inside the piping by keeping the knob pressed in the low flame position for a few minutes without lighting it. 

To ignite the pilot light, press the knob and turn it to the star position while simultaneously pressing the ignition button. If the flame does not light, release the knob back to the dot position, wait for about 3 minutes and repeat.

To bring the oven up to temperature, press and rotate the knob to the high flame position. Keep the oven door open.

Once the oven is up to your desired temperature, press and rotate the knob to the low flame position and start cooking. At this point, you can close the oven door if required. 

To extinguish the flame on the main burner and leave only the pilot light on, turn the knob to the star position. To completely turn off both the main burner and the pilot light, turn the knob to the dot position.


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