Connecting the Gas

Connecting the Gas


Place the gas seal washer in the brass hose adapter.


Attach to pipe connector.

Step 3

Attach the hose adaptor to the oven gas inlet pipe. Hand tighten and then use a spanner to fully tighten, usually a half to three quarters of a turn.

Step 4

Place a jubilee or hose clip onto the rubber gas hose. Push the gas hose onto the hose adapter.

Step 5

Tighten the fitting on the hose pipe.

Step 6

Place the hose clip on the other end of the gas and push the hose onto the regulator and tighten.

Step 7

Open the bottle gas valve to pressurise the system. With a small brush, brush around the connecting nut with a water and washing liquid solution. With the pressure system under pressure the bubbles are an indication there is gas escaping, tighten the brass connector, wipe the bubbles off and reapply the washing liquid solution and turn the gas back on. Repeat until no bubbles appear.



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